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YES Middle School instructional materials intentionally support youths’ agency and STEM identity development. Students exercise their creativity as they work in teams to solve engineering problems that are relevant to their lives and communities.

Teachers Wanted: Participate in Our 2022-23 Field Test! 

YES invites Science and STEM teachers of grades 6-8 to participate in our field tests. Two YES Middle School curriculum units are currently under development. Learn more »

About the YES Middle School Units 

The two units described here will be available for download, free of charge, in 2023. Additional units are planned for development. 

Please notify me when YES Middle School units are available »  

  • Engineering Medicine Coolers (Physical Science – Heat Transfer) 
    Students consider heat waves and their effect on medications. Thinking about heat transfer, they design a chemical cold pack and insulation for a container to keep medications cool.  Download unit overview » 
  • Engineering Eco-Friendly Slippers (Physical Science – Friction) 
    Students consider the impact of fast fashion on the planet and design upcycled slippers with a safe amount of traction. They investigate the force of friction between different outsole materials and common indoor floor surfaces to select materials for the slipper’s sole. Download unit overview » 

Curricular resources for each unit include: 

  • Teacher Guide with Engineering Lessons 
  • Optional Introductory Lessons 
  • Computational Thinking Modules 
  • Slides for Classroom Projection 
  • Student Engineering Notebook 
  • Vocabulary Cards 
  • Student Activity Printables 
  • Spreadsheet Templates 
  • Context-Setting Multimedia 
  • Homework Assignments 


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Youth Engineering Solutions educates the next generation of problem solvers and engineers by developing equitable, research-based, and classroom-tested preK-8 engineering and STEM curricula; preparing and empowering educators to teach engineering; and conducting rigorous research that informs K-12 engineering education.

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