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Out-of-school spaces, such as after-school programs or summer camps, provide rich venues for encouraging youth to engage in engineering practices and develop STEM mindsets.

YES Out of School is developing engineering units for the lower elementary (ages 5–8), upper elementary (ages 8–12), and middle school (ages 11–14) level. In each, youth creatively solve engineering design challenges posed by a team at an Engineering Help Desk. Youth draw from their lives and communities as they work together to generate innovative design solutions.

YES Out of School Units Under Development:

The YES team is currently developing the following units. They will be available online, free of charge, in 2023. Additional units will follow.

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Lower Elementary

In early development. Stay tuned!

Upper Elementary

  • Engineering Sock Assistive Devices
    Youth apply what they know about the human body to design assistive devices that help people put on socks.
  • Engineering Rescue Rope Shuttles
    Using what they learn about variables that affect flight distance, youth design shuttles that land a rope near someone who needs to be rescued.

Middle School

In early development. Stay tuned!

Curricular resources for each unit include:

  • Educator Guide (5 Core + 3-5 Optional Activities)
  • Context-setting Engineering Help Desk
  • Youth Engineering Notebook
  • Introductory Activities
  • Family Resources
  • Assessment Tools
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Youth Engineering Solutions educates the next generation of problem solvers and engineers by developing equitable, research-based, and classroom-tested preK-8 engineering and STEM curricula; preparing and empowering educators to teach engineering; and conducting rigorous research that informs K-12 engineering education.

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